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Ramic Medical Imaging is a physician owned outpatient radiology center located in Mahwah, NJ.   We are the most advanced OPEN MRI in Bergen County.  We offer the latest technology geared to the needs of our community, especially for the CLAUSTROPHOBIC patient.  Our MRI machine is not a “tube” but is open all around.  For Rockland County residents we are also the closest true Open MRI.  Although some radiology centers will market themselves as open MRIs, they are typically closed MRI machines just with a wider opening. 

We also offer other services such as same day Ultrasound and walk in X-RAY.  At RAMIC we provide State of the art equipment giving the patient a wide range of radiology testing services.

Our medical team is committed to provide the most thorough diagnostic evaluation with an academic approach customized to the individual’s needs. Our only mission is to maintain the highest possible standards of radiology and render it readily accessible to all members of our community and beyond.  Our patients are always our first priority.